I can’t even be mad at this. Some of you might call it hate, but I call it being real. I wish more athletes didn’t always give “politically correct” answers when people ask them questions. If they were honest more often, we would have some crazy rivalries on the court or field. Hit the jump to see what NBA all-star speaks his true feeling about the Miami Heat.


Earlier today, Dirk Nowitzki was on ESPN Dallas 103.3 and was asked about his feelings towards the Heat. He kept it real but tried to not make it sound so bad. “In life, I don’t really hate much, I’m an easygoing guy, but that’s probably about as close as it gets”. His bitterness comes from losing the 2006 NBA finals to the Heat, which at that time was led by Wade, helped by Shaq. Wade criticized Nowitzki for not being a leader, as the reason Dallas lost to the Heat. 5 years later he got his revenge by taking the Heat out in the NBA finals, after all the hoopla of the big 3 coming together. That fact was apparently forgotten by Wade and coach Erik Spoelstra in the wake of their recent Game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs. Wade and Spoelstra referred to this season’s Finals as “the toughest series that we’ve ever been in,” which stoked Dallas’ disdain for the Heat. Nowitzki replied to that by saying “He might have preferred to say the toughest series that we won. “Yeah, for sure, the way they fought that out in Game 7 was an unbelievable series, but we did get ’em.” That Mavs team remains the only team to beat Miami in a playoff series.