Nelson Mandela

The family of 94-year-old Nelson Mandela has been advised by his doctors to take him off life support. According to court documents that were released yesterday, Mandela faces “impending death,” and is only able to breathe via machine. Qunu, which is Mandela’s hometown and will be his final resting place. The remains of Mandela’s three deceased children have been moved to Qunu as well. The former president has been battling a lung infection since June 8th. More about the court documents and what the family was told below.

Julie A.

According to the court documents, “The anticipation of his impending death is based on real and substantial grounds. The Mandela family have been advised by the medical practitioners that his life support machine should be switched off…rather than prolonging his suffering, the Mandela family is exploring this option as a very real probability.”

Source: Complex