Death toll expected to rise in Quebec after train derailed.
Yesterday, we found out about a train derailing in Quebec, which caused thousands of people to evacuate the town. Now we learn that three people died, and the death toll is expected to rise.


A fire chief noted that the scene of the explosion resembled a war zone. So far, three people have been confirmed dead in this tragedy at Lac Megantic, Quebec. Yesterday, it was said that the train was carrying petroleum products. However, with more specification, we learn that the unmanned 73-car train was carrying crude oil.

Locals of the Quebec town say a nearby bar was filled with people near the time of the explosions, but no one knows the safety of those people yet. Missing persons can possibly reach up to 100 in the aftermath of the derailed tankers. The massive eruptions sent people running through the streets trying to escape the fireballs.

Police lieutenant, Michel Brunet, said they don’t want to put an estimate on the number of people missing because they’re having trouble getting a set number. Brunet also said, “We know there will be more deaths.”

Pray for those in Quebec and let’s hope for few fatalities.

via [abcnews]