According to reports, Google’s new summer interns are causing a disturbance in a Silicon Valley apartment complex. Apparently the batch of students/former students has been having a lot of late night parties causing neighbors to complain. Previously, the company would give the interns an allowance and they were allowed to to live where ever they pleased. This year, Google decided to house the interns in its corporate apartments in Crescent Village in North San Jose where they house its interns. No one informed the neighbors of the summer interns.

At first one resident thought the group of people were actually camp kids but then realized they were a little bit to old for that. Residents have complained to their head office as well as posted on Yelp. Haun L. wrote, “Love this place! Strongly recommend! Brand new apts.” and then continued “One temporary issue:Lots of interns moving in this summer, it’s like a dorm now. I could hear a lot of noise, people talking and singing even in the middle of the night. The sound-proof is pretty good if I close the windows, but it’s summer time, I want some fresh and cool air.” Another person wrote about trying to contact the police and they could not do anything because the residents would not open the door. Check out the photos in the gallery.