Chloe Jennings-White seems like your average 58- year-old abled bodied woman, but her goals are a lot different than a typical 58-year-old. Click the jump to see why Chloe wants so desperately to be a paraplegic!

Rebecca S

Chloe claims to have wanted to be a paraplegic for as long as she can remember. She does not seem to understand why this has caused an uproar with the public saying that it is the same as a man wanting his penis cut off in order to be a woman. She was diagnosed with Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which is a mental illness that causes a person to want to be a paraplegic. The only thing that is stopping Chloe Jennings-White right now is the money in order for a doctor to do this surgery (she claims she has already found a doctor willing to do this overseas). Should the public support this stance or is Chloe being outrageous? What do you think?

Via UrbanDaily