A man from East Hernando, Florida is now in police custody. He’s held in connection with arson for intentionally setting fire to the town’s library. But, what’s even more crazy is his reason for setting the fire. Hit the jump to find out.

18-year-old Joseph Brannen set fire to the library so that he could try to get a job as a firefighter. It seemed like the perfect plan; to set a fire, help firefighters put out the fire, then it would be much easier to work with them. But, unfortunately for Brannen, this is real life.

Once REAL firefighters arrived on the scene, they noticed the teen was ready for action, wearing full firefighting gear that he bought on eBay. At that point, the flames were too intense and they told him to move aside. Once they got the flames under control, they suspected that the modern-day ‘Blankman’ was the cause of the $500,000 incident. According to reports, once he was questioned about the fire, he confessed to it.

*Check Out The Fire Suit Pics Above*

Jamaal Fisher
Daily News