The U.S.’s credit rating has been decreased in the last couple of years. Could it be that the debt limit is going to be raised again??? Read more after jump

Adriela Batista

The U.S Congress and Obama are set to talk about the proposal of the United States’ credit rating raising. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew had expressed to law makers that the U.S could in fact pay off their debt, and to “take away any cloud of certainty” that goes against the belief. The Treasury Secretary also added that hopefully congress does not create any confrontations over the issue being that it did not do well with the American Economy since 2011. House Speaker John Boehner, a republican from Ohio, told CNBC last month:

“If we’re going to raise the debt limit, then we’ve got to do something about what’s causing us to spend more money than what we bring in,” “So guess what? We’re going to have a debate, and we’re going to have a negotiation.”

What do you think of this debt rate increase? Do you think the higher the limit, the higher the spending? Or Do we just need the increase in limit, incase of Emergency? Or in my case, a good sale.

Via LATimes