Back in March, it was reported that 13-month-old baby, Antonio Santiago was shot in the face and killed. Very soon after, Santiago’s mother, – also injured during the alleged robbery – Sherry West pointed out two teens De’Marquis Elkins, 17, as the killer and Dominique Lang, 15 as an accomplice. The two were arrested and charged for the crime, BUT now, new evidence has come to the light by the teens’ court appointed attorney, Jonathan Lockwood – West is the killer. Hit the jump for the details on the scandalous bearer of baby Antonio.

JaaiR (JR)

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Sherry West went on every news outlet that would allow her an appearance to display tears of remembrance for the child that new evidence shows, she killed. Gun residue was found on not only West, but Antonio’s father, Louis Santiago – who was said to had not been ANY WHERE near the scene of the crime. West’s daughter, Ashley Glassey, 21 says that she suspected her mother was making the whole thing up, however, she didn’t want to be wrong. Things were just not adding up.
Here is the kicker out of the whole story, because not only did De’Marquis’ mother and aunt get arrested for lying to police, but West and Santiago (Sr.) has yet to be arrested or charged or even named as suspects for the crime of murdering their own child. Santiago is in prison on the aggravated stalking of West. Ain’t that a bleep……..