Click the jump to see what Argentinians are selling to these gullible customers instead of toy poodles!

Rebecca S

In Argentina’s largest bazaar many customers are snatching up toy poodles that they think are at a bargain price, only to discover that these poodles are not even dogs! Toy poodles cost about $1,000 in the U.S., so finding them in Argentina for only $150 seemed like a dream. One man from Catamarca suspected something about the two new toy poodles he brought and after a visit to the vet, he discovered that these poodles were actually what Argentinians call a “Brazilian rat”! What’s a Brazilian rat? It’s a ferret that has been given steroids at birth to increase its size and groomed to resemble a toy poodle. This man was not the only one who had been fooled when a woman recently claimed she brought a Chihuahua only to discover that it was a ferret too. Both the man and the woman have no filed complaints…yet! Check the Gallery for pics of these brazilian rats.

Via DailyMailUK