Talk about speed! In case you haven’t heard, you can check back HERE! Usher Raymond’s son, Usher Raymond V a.k.a. Cinco was involved in a pool accident and had to be rushed to the hospital, but not even a full 24hrs later, Tameka Raymond [ex-wife/baby mother] filed papers for custody privileges. Hit the jump for details.

JaaiR (JR)

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After Tameka Raymond’s son passed away from an accident, Usher filed for custody of the two boys that they share together – and won. Now, since Cinco was hospitalized, Tameka is requesting an emergency hearing for custody back. Accusing the, “U Got It Bad” singer of creating a dangerous environment for their child and allowing other people to tend to their children – mainly the aunt that she doesn’t like.
Wonder how this is going to work out. I just hope the children don’t suffer.
Is it me, or does something about these two seem – off? They despise each other with a passion, and it seems like they’re using the children to get back at the other one. It could be just me…