facebook tagging study

A new study from researchers at four British universities has been published and yielded some revealing information on how what we share on Facebook – and how often we share it – affects our relationships in real life. The study specifically looked at the relationship between how frequently you posts images on Facebook and the impact this has on personal relationships. Heavy Facebook users GOTTA click through the jump for what the researchers found.

Tat Wza

The study, titled “Tagger’s delight? Disclosure and liking in Facebook: The effects of sharing photographs amongst multiple known social circles,” found that partners faced a decreased level of intimacy when more pictures of events were shared on Facebook. The study also found that friends who tag friends often negatively impacted their relationships with those tagged. It was also revealed that ad campaigns encouraging people to pose with products and post photos damaged the relationship between the brand and its supporters. Share this story with all your tag abusing friends and think carefully next time someone snaps a pic and you yell “Tag me!”

Via PhysOrg.