A Wisconsin Iraq War Veteran gets a life sentence for the murder of his police officer wife, Hit the jump for more detail!

Adriela Batista

30 year old Benjamin G Sebena is convicted of “ambushing and killing” his ex wife Jennifer Sebena. The attack occurred Last Christmas Eve while Jennifer Sebena had been on duty alone when ” her husband shot her twice in the back of the head and three times in the front of her face”.

The courtroom surrounded by many of Wauwatosa police officers, had become an emotional roller coaster amongst the officers as they “dabbed their eyes and rested their forehead in their hands” when the prosecutor of the case described how portions of the victims face had come apart as the shots were fired towards her.

Benjamin Sabina pleaded guilty of first degree intentional homicide in the case of Jennifer Sebena, yet his motive is still unknown. His attorney argues that he:

“was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, and sometimes has trouble distinguishing between what is real and what’s not”.

The judge convicted him of a life sentence, although he was eligible for parole after 20 years. Sebena allegedly seemed very apologetic, as he entered the court room in his wheel chair and blue padded suicide vest, ” as he apologized to his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Benjamin Sebena stated to the judge:

“I ask for forgiveness and I hope to God he gives it to me one day”.

Linda Sebena the mother of Benjamin Sebena, stated that her son had arrived from Iraq with many psychological problems, placing partial blame on the:

“Pentagon for training Americans to go to war but not preparing them to come home. She said she hoped Jennifer’s death would spur the military to do more to help returning veterans”.

**Check out the gallery above for pictures of the victim**

Via USAToday