A migrant boat holding 100 passengers was involved in a wreck causing for 6 passengers to drown, hit the jump for detail!

Adriela Batista

Trouble began when a boat became stranded near a sicilian beach, which is commonly populated by tourists and residents surrounding it. The boat brushed ashore Saturday, “15 meters (50 feet) off the beach”. Officials responded to the incident saying:

“It is rare for smugglers’ often unseaworthy vessels filled with migrants to aim for shores near cities, and Coast Guard Capt. Roberto D’Arrico said the boat apparently made a navigational error while trying to reach secluded shores undetected”.

Authorities are also conducting further investigation on the identities of the victims and survivors, who some appeared to be from Egypt and Syria.

The incident left many beach goers that day stunned, as body bags began appearing on the sand, filled with the victims who drowned.

Via NewsDaily