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Technology is FINALLY starting to catch up for your daily needs, especially if you lose items daily, anything from car keys to TV remote, to your Boo(if you carefully place device)…Hit the Jump.

Tat Wza

*See The Above Gallery For Photos*

Ok the device is called “Tile” and it’s So Dope I just ordered mine to try it out!

Only on iOS at the moment, but this thing is extraordinary, let’s you become your own Big brother! Working off a cloud network, yes let’s you find the little things in your house but also lets other tile user’s become a network to help you find what your looking for! Like say you place a Tile in your Boo’s Wallet/Purse, and you want to find out where they are, when you or someone with tile tracking gets within 150ft of them, you will get a notification! Also for the little things like the car keys, you can make the tile device ring off so you can find them.

Now this will become a community, the more people that buy it the better it will work, but the main set back is there is no way to change the battery, so you will have to buy a New one yearly, but at $20’s a tile it seems worth it! See the Video below and don’t forget to check out the photos in the gallery to have a better look, then IF interested hit the link at the bottom for your purchase!!!

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