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Davinci New York is a brand ran by 22 year old Daviinci from Brooklyn, NY. Today I will be presenting his “Rollie Bracelet Gold”. The bracelet is very much appealing, which is featured in all gold in the resemblance of a Rollie, watch inspired stainless steel bracelet with “ny” engraving on the inside removable “davinci” charm logo. The bracelet is definitely an eye-catcher and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this nice piece. The brand started in 2010 and thus far has had some good success. Rolex watch band inspired bracelet with davinci logo charm stainless steel and comes in a variety of sizes. Their is an abundance of products in stock at the moment so if needed they will re-stock. The Rollie Bracelet is available from their official website, at a set price of $90 if you would like to order click here. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Rollie Bracelet Gold”.

Written by Ajrashed