Yup, Trayvon Martin, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and, maybe even…PAULA DEEN all have something in common. There real life controversies has turned into an episode of, Law & Order: SVU.
NBC is known to take nationally known situations like Rihanna/Chris Brown, Casey Anthony’s, etc., and emulate them.
“SVU is fiction,” NBC stated when asked was this based on the murder and trial of Trayvon Martin, but we all know the truth. People wearing hoodies, protesting with signs of a young black guy, also wearing a hoodie SCREAMS the real life situation. The added on difference is that on the show, the killer is a woman, whom is said to be, Paula Deen.
So, will they add her in the mix. You know she’s been big news in the media as well. We’ll see, but for now, hit the jump and check out photos on set of this coming soon episode titled, ‘American Tragedy.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to check out the gallery! This ain’t the Trayvon Martin case – HA (sarcasm)!