BBM Android
Apparently a couple days ago Blackberry accidentally leaked the ‘Manual’ to operate BBM for iOS and Android. Now this manual has since been taken down, but there is at least 1 pic that is still on the web, an Android with the login page on it. There is some key info that you need to see on it because it may change your mind on using BBM, Hit the Jump!!

Tat Wza

It seems as of now you will a ‘Blackberry ID’ to login to use BBM on Android(and More than likely iOS as well). This is most likely so Blackberry can have user data at it’s finger tips, as well as keep some actual activity in it’s system. But if you are still interested in using the once Great messaging service, it will be available before the end of September.

**See BBM On An Android In Galley Above**


BBM for Android and iOS will allow you the ability to send text messages, location, photos and voice messages (though without being able to carry out normal conversation), changes in the status and profile picture, setting up and join the BBM groups (limited to 30 people) and inviting and being invited to speak on the basis of our e-mail address associated with BBM, number or generated QR code.