We’ve been hearing about this ALL Week, but out of no where they just drop it on us, BOOM.
Drop down and see what your unragedy a** iPhone may be worth!!

Tat Wza

It does make me wonder why they will start the program so early, well before the NEW joints drop, I mean what you gonna do, go from a 4/4S to a 5??? When you really want that 5S/5C 0_0

a $250-$253 value for a 16GB iPhone 5 in good condition. A GSM 8GB iPhone 4 will be worth between $120 and $140, while the CDMA version will be worth around $80.

Now there is no way to check on this pricing on line since this is an in store trade in policy, but 9to5mac says it’s happening, then it’s real! But very funny to me how the CDMA phones are worth less 0_o