IFWT_Stop n Frisk

When Bloomberg has a point to make, the mayor of NYC intends on being heard, no matter how many times you try to shut him down. Although many can agree he’s done quite a bit to make the city better, he’s also been stubborn about a few other things, including the soda ban and Stop & Frisk. A judged ruled Stop & Frisk to be unconstitutional and required that the program have a lawyer oversee the controversial program. Bloomberg has made public statements that he believes minorities should be stopped more, and he has completely attributed Stop & Frisk to the decrease of violence in NYC. Find out what he’s suing City Council for after the jump.

Sarah Nafissa

The City Council passed two bills, one that would define racial profiling and give an opportunity to sue in court, as well as appointing an independent party to oversee the program. Bloomberg is suing to have them overturned, saying the state has its own policy regarding criminal procedure law and that is above these two bills. Who will win? Maybe it’s time to go home, Bloomberg. Its been a long 12 years.