IFWT_Alyssa Milano

Charmed Actress Alyssa Milano decided to show us all exactly how she gets down in the bedroom after she leaked her own sex tape! She took to FunnyOrDie to release a funny and educational short video that looks like the beginning of an intense sex tape but then, comes the real lesson! Hit the jump for the video

Adriela Batista

The beautiful actress Alyssa Milano and the President of production of FunnyOrDie Mike Farrah decided to teach us all a lesson, when it came to Milano’s educational “sex tape” with actor Nick Coirissi! Mike Farrah stated in an interview that the sex tape was put out as a statement, to show us that many may gear towards clicking on news that involves sexual content rather than what’s really going on in the world. He stated:

“I just thought it was a really smart way to make a statement about where we are socially in this country, how people are more likely to click on a link that says ‘sex tape’ than legitimate news,” Milano tells E! News exclusively.

Milano also spoke out stating:

“All of the videos I’ve done with them have been social statements, so this just seemed to fit into the theme of what I’ve done with them,” she explains.

**Check out the video below and let us now what you learn!**