In a recent interview with HipHopDx Krayzie Bone expressed his feelings towards Layzie Bone’s announcement last week, on his departure from the Grammy award winning hip hop group. Krayzie Bone expressed that although he was not surprised of the announcement he will always support Layzie Bone no matter what! Hit the jump for more details!

Adriela Batista

Krayzie Bone took to HipHopDx to speak out on his thoughts on his rap mate Layzie Bone’s departure of the Bone Thugz-In-Harmony Hip Hop group. Although the group has recently signed to a new label, is getting ready to perform at Rock The Bells and seems to be well on their way to a major come back, Layzie Bone announced last week that he will no longer be with the group. Krayzie Bone stated:

“It is what it is,” Krayzie said. “He has his reasons. We’re still going to support him and everything he does. He’s actually going to be performing with us at Rock The Bells. I guess he needs to step away because there are some things he wants to do as a man, and as men, we can’t do nothing but respect that. We’re going to continue as a team and keep moving forward with this grind.”

He also expressed that the announcement did not come to a surprise to him:

“It’s just that with Bone, man, anything happens all the time,” he told DX exclusively. “I’ve been knowing these dudes all my life. Anything can happen with Bone thugs-n-harmony and it’s never stopped the movement of the brand. It’s never stopped the fans from loving the brand, so we’re going to continue moving with it. We’re gonna continue to carry on the legacy. I’m really not gonna sweat it like it’s the end of the world. The fans aren’t really concerned about any drama that surrounds the group. All they care about is what they hear. It’s never really been about this person or that person. We’ve heard this before. It is what it is.”

Apart from the group Krayzie Bone went on in expressing his excitement for his upcoming clothing line “The life Apparel” and how he is staying above any negative energy:

“I’m looking into expanding my clothing line, getting into the movie thing—behind and on the scene,” he said. “We have too much going on to be focused on anything negative right now. We’re much older in the game now. We don’t have time to be stuck on the negative thing.”