Finally congress has granted more than $455,000 undocumented immigrants the ability to live and work in the United States during the first year of the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals Program, Hit the jump for more detail!

Adriela Batista

Congress has surpassed their wait when it comes to dealing with the issues surrounding undocumented immigrant children living in the United States. This Friday new data was released granting undocumented “Dreamers” the ability to live and work within the U.S while waiting to become citizens. Students and young adults are able to receive their driver’s Licenses and Work, yet the authorization is only legal for up to two years and can be taken away if any laws are broken.

“The government began accepting applications on Aug. 15, 2012. The new data goes through Aug. 31, 2013, and shows that 588,725 people applied in that period and 455,455 were approved — meaning about 77 percent of applicants were granted deferred action. Nearly 21,200 applications were rejected during the intake process, and about 9,600 were denied after case review.”

“As Congress stalls on immigration reform, rights groups have argued Obama should expand deferred action programs to the wider undocumented population to keep non-criminals with long-standing ties to the U.S. safe from deportation. The Obama administration, for its part, has indicated such a move won’t happen. But Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a member of the Senate gang of eight, argued last month that Obama could move if Congress doesn’t.”