President Obama spoke during a conference in front of hundreds of ford auto workers as he responded to the budget deadlines, possibility of a government shut down and more by saying that instead of coming up with a solution to our nation’s problems, Republicans would rather “Mess with Me” than find a resolution, Hit the jump for the full video!

Adriela Batista

CBS reported:

President Obama “called on Congress to quickly pass a funding bill that would avert a government shutdown beginning the start of the new fiscal year October 1st, and to also enact an increase in the debt ceiling, so the U.S. Treasury can resume borrowing to pay its obligations”

“They’re willing to plunge America into default, if we can’t defund Obamacare,” said the president.

“They’re not focused on you,” the president told about 2,000 Ford autoworkers gathered on the floor of the stamping plant. “They’re focused on politics. They’re focused on trying to mess with me.”

“This is not a banana republic,” the president said of the possibility the U.S. might have to default. “We don’t run out on our tab. We just can’t not pay our bills.”

“Mr. Obama reaffirmed his determination not to bargain with Congress over raising the debt ceiling. “I will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the United States,” he declared to cheers from his crowd”

If Congress doesn’t act to raise the debt limit, “we could have another financial crisis,” said the president.

**Watch the Video Of President Obama below**