About a month ago FoxNews followed a surfer / rocker who confessed that although he had a job he made little money and relied on food stamps.. and quite frankly, had no issue with it. Fox news pushed the story as a lazy individual milking the government while he surfs and buys sushi all day, yet the Food Stamp surfer has fired back at critics and is telling his story, Hit the jump for more detail!

Adriela Batista

Jason Greenslate a California native sat down during a documentary series with Fox News last month and explained his use of food stamps. When the video of Greenslate surfaced of him explaining that he chose to rely on Food Stamps in order to work less and be able to follow what he aspires to be, a musician, Fox news and critics around the nation became enraged.

Greenslate was unaware that Fox News had been setting up series on “America’s Food Stamp Binge” on the exploitation and over all usage of food stamps when he told his story and explained that although he may appear as this non productive, moocher he is far from this!:

“Greenslate said he’s not lazy, putting more than 40 hours per week into his band, Ratt Life, which has an album coming out in six weeks. He said Fox found him through a friend. He cooperated with three days of the network’s filming in hopes his band could win some publicity. It won him some local media attention, he said, but also an interview with a local prosecutor who wondered if Greenslate had broken any laws (he apparently hasn’t).”

“I do work,” Greenslate said. “I’m just not making any money. I’m setting up a career for myself.”

Yet in light of the food Stamp controversy and his life style:

“On Thursday evening, shortly before the House of Representatives voted to trim food stamps by 5 percent, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said, “You can no longer sit on your couch or ride a surfboard like Jason in California and expect the federal taxpayer to feed you.”

Greenslate, responded by stating that he believes “it’s stupid for Congress to legislate based on the Fox stories”

“I don’t think that one person should be the decision for 47 million people,” Greenslate told HuffPost after Thursday’s vote.

**Check out a clip of the FoxNews video below and let us know what you think yourself!**