British Journalist, Sir Trevor McDonald vowed to never visit a prison again. This comes right after he did an extensive set of interviews with baby killers and murderers for a British TV show named “Woman Behind Bars.” With the privilege of the show, Sir McDonald gained exclusive access to some of the nations toughest prisons. Hit the jump for more info.

from women accused of murder, to women known to manipulate guards, the veteran journalist –who’s interviewed Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and even Saddam Hussein said in a recent interview that “I am never, ever, doing another prison series. Once these go out, I shall wash my mind of prisons.”

Legitimate reaction after the gritty interviews he’s had with some of the women. In addition to their outrageous crimes, according to NY Daily News, “He described an environment where female inmates prey on each other and try to manipulate their guards.”


Jamaal Fisher