Curren$y has built a brand for himself, and it’s one that is working very well. The Jet Life/Pilot series has been a bombing business. Where the, Bales rapper is now, is exactly where he wants to be. Curren$y holds a pretty lengthy conversation with Hip-Hop DX and talks about his friendship with Wiz Khalifa and being the God-Father to, ‘The Bash’, Rock-the-Bells performances and how he felt about Lil Snupe’s passing.
“That fucked me up,” Curren$y remissness’s. “He came to New Orleans and hung out with me…He’d get one of his homies to drive him out here, and we’d hang out.” A friendship was built. Spitta admits that he’d only new Snupe for a short period of time, but what he saw in Snupe, he saw in himself when he was that age.
Now, with a progressing empire, Curren$y can only see the minor downfalls of his connecting with YMCMB and Dame Dash in that past. He’s moved on and it was all for the better. Hit the jump and check out this and more.

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DX: I feel like we cant talk about New Orleans, or rather Louisiana, without honoring the memory of Lil Snupe…

Curren$y: That fucked me up. The reason being—I didn’t even know homie that long—I had just met him that year. When I met him, I saw a lot of what had to be on my face when I first started doing this shit. When I first started hanging with Master P I started seeing the actual shit from the Rap. I was seeing the Bentley from the Rap, and sitting in that shit at the age I was at… Knowing I could possibly get to it if I just stayed around and did what the fuck they did. I could see that in his face.

He came to New Orleans and hung out with me because I do Jet Lounge every Wednesday. He’d get one of his homies to drive him out here, and we’d hang out. I just remember one time riding, and it’s crazy, ‘cause I had this exact same moment. C-Murder had a green Bentley Arnage, when he dropped CP3.com. I sat in it, I touched the dash board, and I said, “Yo, I’m definitely gonna have one of these. I have to get some shit like this.” Mind you now, fast-forward way to now, and I’m at my car wash. Me and Mousa got Street Customs, and Snupe came over there to smoke one with me. I’m like, “Let’s run to the crib so I can get some more gas.” So we riding, and homie’s like, “Man, I gotta get me one of these big motherfuckers.” We was in my Bentley, and I was like, “Man, you definitely gonna get it. You in the position—way bigger than anybody could imagine being in. Don’t even worry about this, because you gonna have more shit than me.” That’s what I told him, ‘cause we in the game, and we been in the game longer. So I can see the future, and I’m like, “Don’t trip off this. You need to start looking at what come out next year. You set up my nigga.” And a mothafucka hated on him. Just how we see it, another mothafucka see it, and they not as happy about it as we are.

DX: It’s a sad situation, because the dude who killed him was like 30…

Curren$y: Yeah, and the mothafucka know what’s in line for you and what you about to touch. That’s the same reason mothafuckas looked out for me. I was on the set, and mothafuckas was like, “Yo, shorty, take it in, ‘cause whoopty whoop standing out here, and niggas bout to let him have it. You need to get inside.” Niggas will tell you that…they’ll tell you that in the club, like, “Come stand by us in case it go down.” That kind of shit ain’t supposed to happen, because mothafuckas who older than you supposed to look out. That was some jive shit. I don’t give a fuck, and I’ll talk about that shit forever. Homie still my fucking avi on my Twitter right now. I ain’t never take my picture down. The shit was that fucking whack. Right now dude supposed to be at “Rock the Bells.” He just fucking had his video and had the tape running…had everybody showing love on the tape. There’s no way he wouldn’t have been on one of these stages. What the fuck? That’s what the fuck that happened for, ‘cause a mothafucka… That shit in your mind is like, “That’s the little homie, and he’s gonna make it.” It’s in another mothafucka’s mind, like, “I just wish…I just wish something.” And as soon as they get an excuse, they let that bitch ass shit take over them, and that’s the kind of shit that happens.

DX: So, Pilot Talk 3 is the next move, right?

Curren$y: Pilot Talk 3 is on the radar, but right now, I’m doing New Jets City: Directors Cut. I may release a follow up to Stoned Immaculate. I’m gonna do Pilot Talk 3 in a second; me and Ski been talking.

DX: So what makes an album Pilot Talk? You’ve done two in the Pilot Talk series, but since then you had Weekend at Burnies. What is it when you make an album that’s like “This is Pilot Talk?”

Curren$y: Just that I work with Ski. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do Pilot Talk without getting a beat from him. Due to situations, and things being the way it is, it probably wouldn’t be like him doing the majority of it. I got so many relationships that I developed through my hustle. I gotta make sure I eat with Harry Fraud, Alchemist and Monsta Beatz, so I’ll be able to delegate work to everybody, and we can put together a hell of a project. But if Ski’s not involved, it wouldn’t be able to be Pilot Talk 3. He just texted me about sending some beats. As long as he send me some heaters, we might be working on it right now.