The big news recently is surrounded by Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade’s spat about who should be in the top 10 list with Durant believing James Harden should replace Wade.  The public feud led many people to believe it was all a hoax for a new Gatorade ad, a sponsor of which both Durant and Wade are signed to.  Their most famous Gatorade spot features Wade and Durant having nightmares about each other during the NBA Finals.  Well it turns out the beef isn’t a Gatorade ploy, in fact Durant’s contract with Gatorade is almost up and reportedly will not be renewed.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

According to ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell:

Kevin Durant’s deal with Gatorade will expire next week and will not be renewed. Gatorade not commenting on future discussions.  Gatorade and Durant parting ways (at least for now) has nothing to do w/D-Wade spat earlier in the week.  Gatorade deal that isn’t being renewed immediately is the 1st deal of Durant’s to expire under the Jay Z reign.  Thru Durant we will find out if Jay Z is a marketing genius for others or if he just knows how to market himself.