Kim & Kanye

Kim Kardashian is in NO rush to walk down the aisle, and I mean…you can’t blame her! With 2 failed marriages to her name, as well as watching what’s going down with little sis Khloe who was once thought to have the “perfect marriage,” I wouldn’t be too keen on the idea myself. Not to mention, things are working out just fine with Kourtney and Scott, and they have not one but two children. That may be the new formula. Unfortunately, Yeezy doesn’t really see it that way.

“Kanye is obsessed with her,” a source close to Kim said. “He always has been. He has begged her to get married a few times, it’s Kim that’s saying ‘not yet.’ ”

Kim’s momager Kris is totally siding with Ye, but I’m thinking she’ll be backing down soon too, because of examples like Khloe and Kourtney. However, they’re all in agreeance with one thing: the wedding will be on a way smaller scale.
Marisa Mendez

Source: DN