Boston Marathon Bombing

First of all, let me start by saying that some people are sick in the head and lack all types of common sense. A 22-year-old Michigan woman dressed up as an injured participant from the Boston Marathon that got bombed earlier this year. After Alicia-Ann Lynch posted the flick via her social media sites, it didn’t take long before everybody gained wind of the extremely offensive photo.

People then went through Lynch’s Facebook and ended up finding a picture of her license which had ALL her info on it (including her address.) The Twitter world was going crazy, threatening the girl’s life. A few people even tweeted their plans of sending a box full of sh*t to the girl’s home. (Although it is deserved.) Check out the SUPER out-of-line Halloween costume in the gallery.


MOST IDIOTIC PERSON IN THE WORLD. Actually, she’s ALMOST as stupid as the “George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin” due of Halloween stupidity. Shaking My Damn Head.