There’s been some controversy over J.R Smith’s brother Chris Smith getting a roster spot on the New York Knicks.  While Chris says he earned the spot many people think he got it as part of J.R’s agreement to re-sign with the team.  Most of the people speaking out about it are fans and media members but Pistons’ guard Brandon Jennings broke an unwritten code when he joined in on the criticism as well.

Shay Marie

Jennings tweeted in astonishment that Chris Smith was in the league while Bobby Brown and Eugene “Pooh” Jeter was not.  J.R found out about the tweets and in turn threatened Jennings through twitter, saying he might call up some of his street homies to put Detroit on smash.  The threats costed Smith a $25,000 fine and some reprimanding from his coach Mike Woodson.

Asked if Jennings broke a code by knocking a player, Smith said, “There’s no loyalty in this game. There’s no player- to-player loyalty, no loyalty to teams, no loyalty to anything in this game. I expect there should be that but there isn’t.’’’

“I don’t know what to be surprised about anymore, honestly,’’ Smith said.