And the drama surrounding the Knicks and trade talks continues to happen. In the past week alone there have been reports of Iman Shumpert being traded to the Sacramento Kings, and a very near miss of a deal between the Knicks and Denver Nuggets in which Shump would of been sent to Denver for Kenneth Faried. That deal was killed by Denver otherwise Shumpert would be wearing Nuggets colors already. Now this interesting news regarding hated division rivals in the Celtics and Knicks and a possible trade? Hit the jump for more.


It was reported that very recently, also very quietly I might add, that the Knicks offered to send Shumpert, Amar’e Stoudemire and Raymond Felton to Boston in exchange for Rondo and possibly one more player. That deal was turned down by Boston, but they did express a willingness to take on Amar’e and his terrible contract if some other type of deal could be worked out. The fact that these two teams are even discussing trades is amazing considering the fact that most division rivals in the NBA who dislike each other the way these two organizations do usually never consider doing deals with each other. The deal Boston made with the Nets over the summer is different because the Nets have never really been a rival of Boston. Having a team willing to take on Stoudemire’s contract is great, but it is only short term help. If the Knicks take the wrong deal it could lock up some of the money they anticipate they will have free in 2015 to go after a big time free agent to help Carmelo.

The Celtics have been trying to push trading Gerald Wallace to the Knicks, but his contract expires a year after Stoudemire’s does, which will not be a good thing for New York. So somewhere in between there could be a deal worked out that makes everyone happy. Seeing Rondo in a Knicks uniform would be crazy, but it would definitely be an upgrade at the PG position. On the other hand that is now three different possible trade scenario’s that Iman Shumpert’s name has been involved in. You have to feel for the kid. They basically are throwing it in his face that the don’t want him and I just can’t understand the sudden urgency to trade him. I know it all comes down to money and what helps the team, but rookie Tim Hardaway Jr has not shown yet that he is ready for major playing time. He is weak on defense and a streaky offensive player, and JR Smith, well we all know you get the good with the bad when it comes to him. With Shumpert’s young talent and very workable contract, it makes him a target for trades, but that doesn’t mean they should force the issue. Amar’e doesn’t seem too happy with the Knicks based on his recent comments about the team is making him look bad, so maybe a trade for him would be best. I am a loyal fan of his however. He came to New York when nobody else did and threw the organization on his back and made us relevant again. Still business is business. Let’s see how this plays out.