Let me just make this clear, I LOVE PORK [pause]!
Great interview! The fellas of the Combat Jack show stop by Hot 97 and chat things up with Ebro Darden. Hip-Hop (culture) and New York city as a unit, being the center of the conversation. Before the proper introductions, Ebro dives right in the listening public’s lack of participation in Nielson surveys – Surveys that help identify what the listeners or participants of different art genres [in this case], actually like.
Nielson’s approach to hip-hop’s supporters are different. If I get an e-mail saying take this survey, so that we can decide on the type of music to play on Hot 97, I’m thinking it’s suspect. Something that simply wants you to sign up for something else…it has to be done in a different manner.
Besides the surveys, Combat Jack, Ebro and the others discuss the nightclub scene, concerts, EDM shows and what they all really stand for. Something great to engage in – a never ending discussion. Hit the jump and check it out.

JaaiR (JR)

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