American Cars stand out like no other. Whether for fashion or function, they have always been know to take care of business. But, due to frequent reports of fuel and oil leaks, that could potentially lead to engine fires, Ford –unfortunately– recently resurrected the notorious moniker “Found On The Road Dead.” Due to this, the company has recalled the Escape model for the seventh time since its redesign in 2012. Hit the jump for more info.

Tuesday marked the first of two recalls. With the first affecting around 161,000 drivers we can only imagine what the second recall will do. According to sources, “Ford says the cylinder heads can overheat and crack, causing oil leaks.
Of those SUVs, fuel lines on about 12,000 may have been installed incorrectly. They could become chafed and leak gas.” As of now, 13 engine fires have been reported, but luckily no injuries.

Hit the Gallery For Pics Of Some Of The Fires!

Jamaal Fisher