Microsoft Xbox One
Microsoft already taking a ‘soft’ hit with Xbox One, problems reported with the unit(but they have sold Millions of $$$ worth), now they got issue’s with the female race by placating to them 0_-

Tat Wza

Microsoft sent out chain “We Got Your Back” emails to promote the Xbox One, and apparently made gender specific by salutations that wasn’t too palatable for most women. They put ‘Hey Honey’, like any self respectful gaming chick would be a ‘honey’ 0_o
Now I got the same email, and when I looked at it, it wasn’t sexist, but it was ‘trying to persuade me by inferring my boo(could have been mom since I have age restrictions on it for my Son to play), which does seem to be a ‘bit’ manipulative

*See Emails In Gallery Above*.