IFWT_Larry fight

Last month a report came out about Larry Sanders was involved in a bar fight after he got pissed that someone splashed champagne on him & then he flipped out. Well video from that incident has been released and it got crazy! Check it out…



Via TMZ:

The incident went down inside Apartment 720 nightclub in Milwaukee on Nov. 3 — and you can clearly see the 6’11” NBA star (wearing some bright pants) violently swinging a bottle at several  patrons.

In the footage, it appears Sanders throws at least 3 glass bottles into the crowd … as he clumsily slips and slides all over the dance floor. In fact, someone in the club claimed they were gashed open by a flying bottle in the madness and needed stitches to close the wound.

At one point, someone tackles Sanders HARD in an effort to stop the violence.

Sanders dodged serious criminal charges, but he is expected to be cited for assault and battery as well as disorderly conduct.

Sanders injured his thumb in the incident and was scheduled to miss about six weeks after undergoing surgery. Barring any suspension or similar punishment from the league, Sanders should be back on the court later this month.