This is a shocker! Something was definitely suspicious about the Cavs suddenly suspending Andrew Bynum for “conduct detrimental to the team”, with no further explanation. But now there is some evidence that the final straw between him and the Cavs was when a relationship came to light involving him and the wife of assistant coach Jamahl Mosely. Hit the jump for more.


The Cavs were supposedly aware of this info last week but chose not to release that info. You can’t exactly keep a guy around who is involved in the wife of a coach cheating. These damn snow bunnies man, smh, will get you in trouble all the time. I hope Mosely cuts his wife off because it doesn’t get much more grimey than that. Now that this story has broke alot more things make sense as far as the team being so willing to get rid of him and no other teams wanting anything to do with him. I hope it was worth it Bynum, because you might not be playing ball anywhere for quite a long time. Hit the gallery for pics of the wife Kristina.