Oh boy, I hope all this was a coincidence as far as timing, but it doesn’t look like it. A few days ago it was reported the Knicks were going to release Chris Smith, younger brother of JR. Later that same day he posted to his Instagram account a picture referring to betrayal. It is 100% understandable if JR feels salty that his brother was cut, because at the end of the day it’s family over everything. But let’s be real, Chris Smith would bust my ass on the court, but he is not an NBA player, period! Not right now anyway. Not too mention he is still making a guaranteed $490,000 this season regardless if he got cut or not. Do you really call that betrayal? That sounds like a come up for Chris if anything. This was a move the Knicks needed to make because that roster spot was just being wasted. I am sure at some point down the line another tea will give him a chance, but it definitely won’t be in New York. Should be grateful for the chance the Knicks gave him. Hit the jump for the pic. What you guys think?


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