This man clearly takes his PB&J’s very seriously, as he allegedly pulled out a knife on his own brother for using up too much of the sandwich favorite, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Jerome Davis, a man in his 50’s has an unbearable love for PB&J sandwiches, and could not stand to see his brother use up all of his kryptonite, so what better way to stop him , than to bring out a knife to this sandwich fight?

Davis’ accuser told police he was angry because he believed his brother was eating too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Davis allegedly made three sandwiches and ate them in their living room, and made another less than an hour later. A police report says the brothers began to argue about laziness and overeating. Davis allegedly pulled out a folding knife and held it his brother’s face. HP

Jerome Davis has been arrested and charged with domestic abuse with a weapon. Im hoping both men learned their lessons and they won’t let anymore peanut butter, jam them up.