International CES Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, America - 07 Jan 2014

Well isn’t this interesting and surprising?!  I loved this guy when he used to fight!  Yesterday at CES it was discovered that one of 50 Cent’s bodyguards was a popular UFC fighter.  So this is what fighters do when they retire?!  Sounds like a good gig to me.  Check out who it was…



Via TMZ:

50 Cent has SERIOUSLY upgraded his personal security team … ’cause one of the guys watching his back is UFC Hall of Famer (and ex-WWE superstar) Ken Shamrock!!!!

49-year-old Shamrock was spotted on the rapper’s personal protection detail at the CES convection in Las Vegas yesterday … and afterward, Ken confirmed he’s now working for a company that does private security for several “high-end clients,” including Fiddy.

After the convention, Ken tweeted that it was a “pleasure” working for 50 … and said the rapper is, “By far one of the classiest gents I have ever worked with.”