General Raheel Sharif, The Chief Of Army, has honored Aitzaz Hasan, a Pakistani student who bravely tackled a bomber before entering his Hangu school, saving hundreds, hit the jump for more.

Adriela Batista

Aitzaz Hasan, a 15 year old studying at the Government Boys High School in Ibrahimzai, was tragically killed after tackling a suspicious man, dressed in his school’s uniform asking for directions. A keen Hasan suspected something was up and rushed the man with all of his force; immediately after the unidentified man set off a bomb killing himself and the young student.

Hasan’s cousin who had been alongside that day, explained that they were rushing into school after being tardy, when they saw the suspicious man thought to be a Taliban Extremist:

“It made my cousin suspicious, and he inquired about the person’s identity and why was he never seen in the school earlier,” Mr. Bengash said. “The person tried to escape, and Aitzaz tried to tackle him. In this struggle, the bomber blew himself up.”

“What is unfortunate is that Aitzaz lost his life,” Zahidullah Bengash, a cousin, said on Thursday in a telephone interview from Ibrahimzai, a village in the Hangu district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, which has a history of sectarian violence. “What is fortunate is that he saved the lives of hundreds of other students.” NYTimes

General Raheel Sharif has paid homage to the student and his bravery by honoring him as a national hero, stating:

“Aitzaz Hasan is a national hero, who has sacrificed his today for our tomorrow. The young student of Grade IX set a great example of bravery and valour with his act.” Nation