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Even if you’re not a basketball fan, everyone wants a piece of that Jordan history.  Last week we learned a couple items that once belonged to MJ are up for auction. Well now his mom has come forward saying that the memorabilia is fake — because she has the originals.
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Michael Jordan’s mother, Deloris, on Wednesday called into question documents being sold by an auction company.

Deloris Jordan said the items, which included two University of North Carolina recruiting letters, a diploma and her son’s transcript, couldn’t be originals because she has those documents in a vault.

“I know what I have,” Deloris Jordan told ESPN.com. “They are all replicas. I just can’t sit by and let these people say that they have what they say they have, when they don’t.”

The company selling the documents, Goldin Auctions, said it obtained them from a consigner who had purchased the items from a person who bought a storage locker containing items once displayed in the now-defunct Michael Jordan’s 23 restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC. The restaurant closed in 2003.

Ken Goldin, CEO of Goldin Auctions, strongly disputed the assertion that any of the items were not genuine.

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