IFWT_Drake is wayne on snl
LMAO, I can’t front, Drizzy mod def still has his acting chops!!!

Tat Wza

*Check Photos In The Gallery*

Drake As ARod;

Cold Open – Piers Morgan Live (Drake) – SNL 1… by IdolxMuzic

Drake Remembers His Bat Mitzvah In Monologue;

Drake Monologue – SNL 1-18-14 by IdolxMuzic

Sway, Before They were Stars:

Resolution Revolution;

Resolution Revolution – Drake – SNL 1-18-14 by IdolxMuzic

Performance: “Started From The Bottom/Trophies”

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Drake – Poetry In Detention – SNL 1-18-14 by IdolxMuzic

Mornin’ Miami:

Nancy Grace:

Drake Takes On Animal Park:

Drakes 2nd Performance w/ Jhene Aiko;

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