IT’s been getting talked about for a good bit now, But it’s finally here, If you claimed your name a while back, you’re ready to use it!

Tat Wza

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Now you have a chance to TRY it for 7 days, unless you’re with AT&T, then you might be eligible for 3 Months for Free, BUT then they will want you to pay. I’m still not sure how much cause they’re having a Server overload. Once you get in they will ask you to check off the genre’s you want, then the artist associated with those Genre’s. I picked Hip Hop, R&B, and Old School Funk, but the artists selection was a bit weak, I love Mos Def, and BDK, but MF Doom….and that was the extent of Hip Hop.

Navigation of the App is Cool though, they have it so you can set the mood you’re in(kinda like Songza), they have stuff curated for you(kinda like Pandora), Find diff stuff from what you picked(kinda like iTunes Radio), highlights(kinda like twitter Music), and Playlists(kinda like Spotify). So they are ‘Mos Def’ catering to what and how you want you’re music, AND the Graphics are pretty Dope. You got your Home(where you get to all those things, your profile, your playlist and your library and your settings, all to the left. And to the right, any notifications you may or may not have.
Apparently you can add music to a playlist, or App Library. Follow Artist, or Curators(The Hot97 Curator Is Prob your best place to get Hip Hop).

Over All, not a bad app(especially for the 1st day out), and if they get the newest music 1st, they will be a force to be reckoned with, but right now, with their current catalog, and set up, their just good looking with a legendary name attached.

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Oh btw, you can pay $9.99 a month, or $118 a year…after your free trail is over.