K. Michelle x R Kelly

Though many know her only from Love & Hip-Hop, K. Michelle has been in the music business for a while now, and considered R. Kelly both a mentor and a friend back in 2009/2010. So much so, she even dissed his then-nemesis Trey Songz on a 2010 freestyle in Kels’ defense. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, the same ones you’d take a bullet for can be the one holding the gun.

In a recent interview promoting his latest album No Panties, R. Kelly all but said the two had been getting it in for years…something that was both untrue and uncalled for.

“I wasn’t upset, I just thought it was really distasteful,” K. said in a new interview late last week. “…I’ve messed up relationships even with Trey Songz and everything from defending R. Kelly. Hopefully me and Trey will be able to talk through it. I know some people have been reaching out for us to really sit down and talking through it, but the relationships in the business that I’ve put on hold for Rob, just having his back, it’s kinda hurtful for him to come at me like that and make up some things that weren’t appropriate.”

Not cool! Your rep is all you have sometimes! Tune in to both K and Kels’ full interviews below.

Marisa Mendez

K’s interview:

The R. Kelly interview she referenced:

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