IFWT_Muhammad Wilkerson

New York Jets defensive end Muhamad Wilkerson wants a contract extension and many thought he would go the Darrelle Revis route and holdout.  Wilkerson however debunked those rumors.

Shay Marie

via ProFootballTalk

“It will be taken care of, definitely,” Wilkerson said, via Metro New York. “But all that holdout and all that other talk that people were saying and everything — I never said anything like that. I’m not going to hold out. It’s not something I want; it’s not something I’m thinking about. I’m going to show up like everybody else and do what I’m told.”

An extension is still a possibility this offseason, but the presence of a fifth year option at a reasonable price (it’s expected to be around $6 million for Wilkerson) means any longer deal would likely be on the team’s terms. A holdout is about all the leverage a player can muster at the moment, but it is a costly route to take without any guarantee of success.