IFWT_ironpants App
Flappy Bird is indeed gone from The App Store, but I do still see it in Google play, I’m sure that’s because Google Play is always just a step behind The App Store. So what do we do now, how can we fill up those hours we have learned to waist playing Flappy Bird?? Well don’t fret, I’ve found a similar game to take up that train ride time, “Ironpant”!!

Tat Wza

Ironpants is a lot like Flappy Bird, except with Flappy Bird it’s like a rhythmic tapping, Ironpants is more of a better pick the right time, and don’t touch too long, and PRAY!!!!

Yes Ironpants is prob harder than Flappybird, and the frustration will go through the roof…No worries, I’ve found a cheat code, which is MUCH easier than the Flappy Bird Cheat!!