If there is one thing about Tyrese Gibson that we know for sure, it’s the apparent love he has for his 6-year-old daughter with, Norma Gibson.
Sources state that Gibson went to pick-up his daughter from the North Hollywood home she shares with her mother, when Norma had made the decision to not allow her child to go, because she was sick.
Surely, this didn’t sit well with the TGT singer. Norma called the police to the home, so that they could help her decipher some of the stipulations of the child custody order. All-in-all, Tyrese had to leave without his daughter.
He may have lost the battle, but Tyrese is ready for the war. Find out the next step he plans to take, after the jump.

JaaiR (JR)

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The “Sweet Lady” crooner is in the works of taking Norma to court for violating the custody order. Tyrese wants his baby’s mother in JAIL! We’ll see where this goes.