If you’ve seen this on FB and clicked it, you’ve been fooled!! That’s right, the Chris Brown Rihanna Sextape is a FB scam used just to gain likes on a specific FB page, There is NO sextape, at least not leaked yet!

Tat Wza

This title “[iPhone VIDEO] Rihanna & Chris Brown S xtape Leaked Today,” Damn near guarantee clicks, I’m not gonna front, I clicked once(just to make sure our IFWT readers were not losing out 0_o), but luckily I knew to stop when I saw the “You must ‘like’ this page to see video”, I knew it was a scam. BUT I did google the subject to make sure the video wasn’t out and a bunch of articles related to the scam, so I put this post together to double make sure non of you fell for the BS!!! *Hit The Gallery To see Images related to the Scam*

Being Thirsty Will set you back!!