After taking some sexy ‘dressed in all black’ shots with Terry Richardson, Jennifer Hudson sits down for a chat with V Magazine. J. Hud reveals what to expect with her up-coming album, calling it something that’s more her, more “Jenniferized.”
The album’s title has yet to be released, however, J. Hud does talk about a couple of the singles, such as “Whatever Makes You Happy.”
“We don’t give a s**t / We don’t EVEN give a s**t,” Jennifer spits a line from the song. Um, gritty – we like!
“This is what I love,” she says as she continues on with the up-coming LP’s experience, including collaborations from popular producers Pharrell, Timbaland and Babyface to handle some of the tunes, including “It’s Your World” featuring R. Kelly. We’re defiantly looking forward to being ‘Jenniferized’ with this one.
Check out the gallery for the sex appeal J. Hud’s giving.

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