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G.O.O.D Music’s Cyhi The Prynce talks Ivy State Merch, Black Hystori Project, His Top 5 & More here…

Q: Hows everything going your way?

A. Oh I’m great you know man just been working and putting everything together far as coming off the Yeezus project I really set up pondering and really wanted to learn and really understand what I wanted to do with my next project, I figured I had to put it together and the Black History Project is what it is.

Q: Are you pleased with the feedback on the project?

A. Yeah, i’m astound about it. (Continued) (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: And Kanye Was The Executive Producer on this project?

A. Yes mam, Yes mam! Well he just gave me the directions, so he’s in tune with producers I haven’t worked with that really can bring my sound. (Listen To Audio for Full Details)

Q: So who all is featured on that project?

A. Well it’s really just some of my friends that was in Atlanta, I didn’t really wanna go to far. umm really cause this was just something that I wanted to do that’s more personal to me………(continued)…. (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: What is your favorite track off the project?

A. I would say I don’t have a favorite, I like all of em. It’s like my kids I can’t say much of em (Laughs)

Q: For the video for Napoleon, everyone was dressed in all black what made you choose that theme for the video?

A.Umm well really the Black Hystori project is just not about the people, it’s about the idea of black the stereotype of it.. how if everything is dark it’s evil or dark you know that type of thing. So I just wanted to show something that was aggressive but still clever still artistic and still beautiful at the same time but Napoleon is not black (Laughs) I don’t think so. (continued) (Listen To Full Audio)


Q: So are your working on any upcoming projects at this moment?

A. Yeah we got alotta things in the works, I got a couple projects before the winter. I’m looking to put out an album in the winter, so were just gathering all our information on what we wanna do and and how we wanna do it and what artist and producers we wanna work with so you’ll be hearing a lot from me this year and years to come the take over is hear.

Q: So on the fashion tip, how do you describe your style?

A. I’ll say on the fashion end a little abstract, I like layers and pieces. I’ve been learning a lot….just like layers and little pieces all about pieces. It doesn’t have to be extensive all the time and can just be things that look good together different colors, Ive just been learning on that end. Like I said I’ve been in Paris for a year and a half and you go by Giuseppe A.P.C and all these designers things and see all these samples. (continued) (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: So you have your own clothing line with the Ivy State, what made you want to come up with your own clothing line?

A. Well it’s a merch/clothing line, my fans wanted something to have other than music. This part of my career they like advocates for me. I wanted to give them something they can purchase and be able to feel more apart of what I’m doing and being able to promote on the other end of the world. I wanted a uniform I got a lot of guys on my team, so I wanted everybody to dress alike. (continued) (Listen To Full Audio)

Q: What new merch should we look forward too dropping through your clothing line?

A. Well right now we got the t-shirts, we coming out with a lotta lighter wrist bands just a few things for everybody, stuff for girls coming out and everything. ( Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: How did you come up with the name Ivy State?

A. Well it’s really a street term (Laughs) I use to be heavily involved with Ivy (laughs). So I just call it like graduating from that life, like Ivy State like Ivy League. So I had my own school that I graduated from and I was the dean of it so then I’m trying to get people, other people to come out of that life, that’s really the message behind it.

Q: Let me ask you, what are some of your favorite kicks to rock?

A. Well right now i’m really just wearing Balenciagas i’m sorry i’m flat footed so it goes well with my foot but I like the Jordans, Yeezy’s like the most comfortable shoes I have and you know the adidas. I’m not a big like Jordan fan even though I have a bunch of em. I got em cause I think its like the cool thing to do, i’m not like an advocate of em like a sneaker head but I do have different things I like to wear.

Q: Are their any particular brands you like to rock to other than your own?

A, Uh yeah, I like a few brands. Have you heard of FreshIam, Hood by Air, Aura Gold Big Sean Line, I like the different things. just a few can’t really name all of em off the bat but yeah…..(continued) (Listen To Full Audio)

Q: So, Growing up in Stone Mountain who were the people you looked up to as far as entertainers?

A. Growing up early I used to like Martin Lawrence,(Laughs) Martin was like one of my favorite. I used to like Living Color, then I moved up as far as entertainers as far as rappers it was like Nas, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, T. I. was one of my favorites growing up as a teenager. Mystikal, those were like my main, my starting lineup. (continued)

Q: What exactly was the message you was trying to get across with your mixtape?

A. Really I just want to show you, It’s like the leadership. I just don’t be rapping because the words rhyme or I want to get bitches or because I wanna get a bunch of money. I’m not a weekend rapper those the friday through saturday rappers. I’m more like sunday through thursday you know when your living the real life. I like to rap about real things and inspire people to be great you know. I like to take certain characteristics of a few of individuals that are on the album other than that I just wanted to make a powerful impactful album that was straight forward and in your face and being able to take my career to the next level.


Q: Is their anybody you haven’t worked with that you probably wanna work with in the future or coming up?

A. I wanna work with Kendrick again, J. Cole well I did good friday with J. Cole, Nas, Mystikal, Scarface, Joey Bada$$, Isaiah Rashad, I do wanna work with Future one time. A song with Rihanna would be cool too. Laughs)

Q: Despite how the grammys what rap album do you really think was the best rap album this year or you going to stick with Macklemore?

A. Well me I think G.O.O.D Music put out the best albums last year, Yeezus was obviously the best because it was the bravest album ever done in hip-hop and it’s going to be the sound for the next 10 years. I love Pusha album that was a classic, Kendrick album was dope as well. But you understand something ,I feel like with Macklemore I can’t take nothing from Macklemore, you hear why none of the rappers are taking nothing from Macklemore because we’ve seen Macklemore through the run like 5 years like 300 caffeine years all around the united states so you gotta give credit when credit is due. And he’s coming from a different perspective like People don’t know man that if all you rapping about is inner city stuff or your life in the ghetto and the urban community its like that story has been ringing in the ground to the point where you’re preaching to the choir……….. (continued) (Listen To Full Answer)

Q: Your Last Words?

A. Don’t be good be great, It’s cool to be yourself. Right now I just want everybody to go out and get Black Hystori project it just came out 2 days ago 24th on Datpiff and it’s everywhere right now livemixtapes picked it up and just hopefully you guys like it if you want to hear bars and if you wanna hear one of the craziest then ride out to it.

Q: Let me just ask you this, do you think your in the Top 5?

A. Yea I’m definitely in the top 5 cause all the top 5 rappers respect me.

Q: Who’s your top 5 right now?

A. (Laughs) That’s a difficult one. I mean I feel like in this generation it would be Kanye, Drake, Kendrick, Cole & Cyhi. That would be the top 5.

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